Home Internet Filters & Controls

These can help to limit your child’s access to inappropriate websites and control the times they have access to the internet.

Web filters are available for a number of devices and networks. Each web filter has a range of different options and capabilities, some will be suitable for use with your child’s device, some will be suitable for use on your home network.

***Please note that while internet filtering will increase your control it should still be accompanied by parental oversight and communication with children to ensure they are supported in their online activities. No filter is perfect, or they may view inappropriate content at a friend’s home or elsewhere. Be available to support their internet use and provide support if they do encounter explicit images and violence.

Keeping internet devices in shared spaces in your home helps children to make safer choices and allows you to watch what they are doing online.

Home based hardware device:

Family Zone

Easy to use home internet filtering, internet access management and device management.

Modem/Router Parent Controls:

Many modem/routers (the device in your home that connects to the internet) offer “Parent Controls”.  A common feature is the ability to control when specific devices (your child’s laptop or iPod for example) has internet access via the home wifi network. Some also offer simple whitelisting of websites – so you can control the specific web sites your child has access to. Others, like Netgear, offer internet filtering – see below.

Details of your device can be found on the device label on the underside.  You can then Google the device and look for instructions on how to log into the device and find out what features it has – hopefully including parent controls and maybe more…

Your ISP may be able to help you with this – ask them first.

Here are some modem manufacturers that offer Parent Controls:
D-Link – HERE and HERE and HERE
Asus – HERE and HERE

*Note – these links are not comprehensive and may have been superseded.

Device based filters:

Built into the operating system:
Mac OSX Parental Controls
Mac iOS Restrictions
Windows Family Controls

3rd party services:

Norton Connectsafe
McAfee Safe Family

ISP based filtering:

Some Internet Service Providers offer web filtering services.

Ask your ISP what they offer:
Telstra Online Security – provides a servcie
Optus Internet Security – provides advise, but not a servcie
Webshield ISP

Cloud based network wide filters:
Google Safe Search Filter

iPad browsers that filter:

K9 for iOS – free web protection browser

Do you know of any web filtering services or application not listed here? Please tell us what works for you…

*Note – digital.tarremah is not recommending any of these services.  You should always do your own due diligence when choosing a device or service.