Steiner Digital Technologies Curriculum announced

The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has recently granted recognition to the Steiner Australia Digital Technologies Curriculum.

“The Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework was developed in response to the Federal Government’s proposal to create a mandatory Australian Curriculum for all schools. As Steiner education is internationally recognised, we were given the opportunity to put forward an alternate curriculum framework for recognition, in order to protect the integrity of Steiner education philosophy and pedagogy.”

The Steiner Digital Technologies Curriculum can be viewed HERE

“Digital technology is an exciting field of human endeavour and it empowers us in manifold ways. Complex technologies also present many new ways of learning and working, often by sidestepping time and space and locating us in an infinite network of here and now. However, these amazing extensions to our lives present challenges to educators as we try to assess which digital technologies are beneficial and in what educational context.

It is internationally accepted practice that Steiner Schools, while preparing a thorough grounding in the primary years, delay the formal integration of digital technologies until high school. It is the task of teachers in Steiner primary schools to lay the foundation for lifelong learning – through a uniquely human and richly choreographed education. As the students’ journey continues into high school, they quickly learn to incorporate digital technologies effectively, creatively and ethically.”

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